Sharing a passion.
Shaping the future.

Sharing a Passion. Shaping the Future.

Sharing a Passion. Shaping the Future.
The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is the leading museum of modern and contemporary art in Italy, a beacon for its masterpieces of the avant-gardes and its high-quality temporary exhibitions.

Excellence and innovation are the keywords that characterize the museum and the Italian entrepreneurship. Focusing on these two attitudes, Michela Bonardo originated Intrapresæ Collezione Guggenheim in 1992, now Guggenheim Intrapresæ, an innovative project thought to create close links between the Collection and some prominent Italian and international companies.

The companies, which take part in this exclusive group, belong to several industry sectors and, despite the differences, their affection and their activities to support the cultural fields are fundamental rights in their own business management. Through this collaboration, the companies have the chance to improve and develop their social and cultural objectives supporting one of the most important Italian museums.

Through the year, meetings and cultural programs with the Director and the museum’s staff are organized through the year to encourage the companies’ representatives to share their competences, their knowledge and get their art-networks stronger.