CEDIT: a story of Values

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After obtaining coveted B Corp certificationFlorim goes further and renews its commitment as a Benefit Corporation through the brand CEDIT. A storytelling of Florim’s deepest beliefs encapsulated in five nouns that reveal Florim’s deepest beliefs in the form of its founding principles, interpreted for the world of today: Culture, Ethics, Design, Identity, Talent. 

Thanks to its remarkable history and reflecting on the key principles of its work, CEDIT codifies and reveals its founding values, which it expresses through five key words that correspond to five policies. These values, which have the precision of a statement of intent and the intensity of a schematic manifesto, are an arrival and starting point for a unique business: from 1947 onwards, CEDIT has continued to chart one of the most original and high-quality trajectories in the design-oriented Made in Italy manufacturing sector. 


“C for Culture. Curators of knowledge,  cultivated through creative dialogues  and exchange of experiences.” 

CEDIT promotes a precise cultural vision, for which the production of knowledge, intellectual exchange and experience derived from fostering a cross-sectional dialogue between individuals are inescapable priorities that are very important in the associated life of contemporary communities. 


“E for Ethics. The responsibility to protect our environment,  work together to shape our future.” 

CEDIT is determined to combine its product range with a commitment to responsible business practices. This approach, which is an integral and inherent part of the brand’s customary design and production activities, is primarily based on sustainable practices, safeguarding the natural environment and complying with an ethical protocol for work organised within Florim. 


“D for Design. Investing in research, the most sublime form of knowledge. To be the architects of innovation,  protagonists of a process that takes us ever onward.” 

CEDIT has always believed that research, design and experimentation are crucial tools for defining and achieving outstanding quality. By investing in research, understood as a poetically sublime form of knowledge, CEDIT becomes an innovator, a leading player in a manufacturing process which, thanks to its history and experiences rooted in its past, anticipates and foreshadows the future.  


“I for Identity” 1947… the legacy begins. Timeless values, and ever evolving artistry, reveals the unique identity. A living heritage that surrounds us today.” 

CEDIT respects the history that has defined its identity, from its origins to the present day; the legacy that it embraces and propels forward corresponds to the incredible wealth of knowledge accumulated over time by those who have worked to create the brand’s products, with the rich heritage of human knowledge revealed, in all its significance, in its own extraordinary business experience. 


“T for Talent. The Italian art of making. Through imagination, through passion, through life”” 

CEDIT has faith in creative talent, which has always been an inherent part of the art of Italian manufacturing. Ingenuity is demonstrated, in all its might, in the desire to bring the imagination of its authors and their capacity for invention to life, creating products – and consequently environments – with clear expressive identities and qualities that can positively influence our lifestyles. 

The FLORIM Group’s commitment as a Benefit Corporation and B Corp can find, in the CEDIT brand, an ideal vehicle for transmitting its belief in “cultural value”, understood as one of the founding principles of its work and social commitment. 

Florim is part of Guggenheim Intrapresæ family since 2014 and renew every year its support, contributing to each activity of the museum, the public programs and exhibitions at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.  

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The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is part of Asvis, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development which promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda.
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