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Enjoy the rich programme of events!

On May 18, on the occasion of the International Day of Museums, Campari emblematically reopened its doors to visitors. The restarting of activities was accompanied by a strong charge of vitality, desire to share and proactivity.

The reopening is divided into several moments: first, guided tours will resume live and in full safety. It will be possible for enthusiasts to return to explore the world of Campari, accompanied by experts to whom they can ask all their questions and curiosities about the history of the brand and its link with communication, art and design. Walking through the halls of the museum in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, visitors can also admire the works of 20th-century communication artists such as Leonetto Cappiello, Fortunato Depero, Guido Crepax, Bruno Munari and many others.

The evening appointments of the Art and Mixology project also restart, offering an even more immersive experience in the Campari cosmos: an art historian from Galleria Campari and a bartender from Campari Academy will guide visitors along a journey that ranges from advertising works to the invention of Bitter Campari and the Negroni cocktail, from futurist mixing to the birth of the aperitif. Finally, there will be a demonstration of the preparation of the Negroni cocktail followed by an outdoor tasting.

On Saturday, June 5th, Galleria Campari will collaborate with the Archivissima’s Archival Festival, whose theme is “generations”, and will offer a special guided tour dedicated to the relationship between Davide and Gaspare Campari and to the generations of artists who have collaborated with the brand.

These are just a few of a long series of events that will animate the months to come; note that this year the Gallery’s temporary programs will revolve around the Spiritello, a 1921 work by artist Leonetto Cappiello and an icon of Campari that is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

Find on the website more details on the initiatives:

For those curious about the world of Campari art and history, there is also a new app by Galleria Campari that collects extra content and insights from the Archives.

Gruppo Campari has been part of the Guggenheim Intrapresæ family since 2002.

Article by Laura Bianchi



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