Lavazza Calendar 2021: “The New Humanity”

Discover the Lavazza Calendario 2021

This year the Lavazza Calendar presents a new future, a rediscovering of humanity based upon the fundamental values of sustainability, diversity and respect.

“We began to value what we previously neglected as banal”
Eugenio Recuenco (Contributing Photographer)

The idea for the 2021 Calendar was thought up during lockdown, as Francesca Lavazza states how ‘forced isolation gave us the idea of seeking new ways of looking at the world’. Nature has sent us a message and taught us that we need to change. It has reminded us that our health and future is dependent upon the environment. The Lavazza family aims to unite people, to bring them together through the universal language of art. From photographers and writers, to actors and musicians, the protagonists of this calendar provide a rich, diverse perspective on humanity, as each of their voices unite into one great, expressive vision.

The New Humanity introduces a new world to us through art, prompting a reconsideration upon the way in which we view our planet. It presents a contemporary dialogue between nature and humanity through a kaleidoscope of creative voices, from the Lavazza community and beyond. Consisting of 6 ambassadors and 13 internationally renowned photographers, including narration by Pierfrancesco Favino and the music of Brunori Sas. From the raw, beautiful voice of Patti Smith, to the fantastically diverse visions of creative photographers from all over the world, every artist involved in this project strives to unite the love and compassion of humankind with the natural environment around us. While every interpretation is completely unique, the finished effect radiates a strong and powerful message, in which the universe and humanity are placed in perfect harmony.

In collaboration with Save the Children, Lavazza lends its support to future generations by hosting an online fundraising campaign, in which the 13 original works created as part of the New Humanity project will be sold by auction. This incredibly ambitious venture taken on by the Lavazza group demonstrates the potential impact we can make by looking to the future in a different way. It shows us the importance of communication between the individual and the community, between nature and humanity, and above all, between art and life.

Visit the Lavazza website for more information about the Calendar.

Ph Eugenio Recuenco

© Calendar Cover b Christy Lee Rogers



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