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MST turns 200 years

MST turns 200 years
MST turns 200 years
MST turns 200 years
23 settembre 2015

An excellent trio for the Italian cigar evening: Stefano Accorsi with an evocative reading of Marco Baliani texts and flavors of Tuscan chef Cristiano Tomei.
It was 1815. When a summer downpour, getting wet the tobacco leaves’ harvest, gave birth – completely accidental – to the Tuscan cigar, one of the legendary products of Italian manufacture. The historic brand celebrates 200 years this year with a new limited edition cigar: “Toscano Originale 1815”.

To celebrate this important event, held in Villa Aurelia gardens in Rome on September 16th, the voice of Stefano Accorsi made the evening magic and caught the attention of the guests, with the interpretation of “1815 2015, TEMPO ORALE ORALIA “a text conceived and written by Marco Baliani.

Next, the Star Chef Cristiano Tomei proposed his Tuscan cuisine rich of primitive elements: fire, wood, bark, wild herbs.
After dinner, the presentation of the new cigar “Toscano Originale to the guests – personalities of the institutional, business, political, cultural and media world – smoked with Italian grappas and other distillates.

A tasting in honor of a storm that never was so valuable.

© Images: Stefano Accorsi, Marco Baliani, Aurelio Regina, Gaetano Maccaferri, Cristiano Tomei