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La fabbrica bella: cultura, creatività, sostenibilità

La fabbrica bella: cultura, creatività, sostenibilità
09 novembre 2016

La fabbrica bella: cultura, creatività, sostenibilità is the title of the 15th Business Culture Week, held from November 10th to 24th, which promotes the historical and cultural heritage of Italian companies.

Promoted by Confindustria and organized by Museimpresa, the week will consist of more than 60 different events diffused across all of Italy. The events include developmental meetings, conferences, informative and creative workshops, guided tours, and special visits to buildings, exhibitions and film festivals.
This year, two Intrapresæ, Rubelli and Campari Group, will once again be among the main companies who open their doors, respectively, to their archives and to their Gallery, offering the public the possibility to discovery the historical realities of these businesses.

The Campari Group invites you to visit the exhibition Bittersweet Symphony (on view until December 22nd), curated by Marina Mojana, artistic director of the Campari Gallery, and by Fabrizio Confalonieri. This sensory exhibition is interactive, and links figurative art with other disciplines, from music to film, touching on costumes and perfumeries, taking the viewer on a journey that uses all five senses in order to discover the two essences that harmoniously coexist in Campari: Sweet and Bitter.
Threaded Creativity is the event to which you are invited by the archival business Rubelli, which is opening the doors to its palace on the Grand Canal to admirers of textile art. The show will put on display around 200 of the more than 6000 historic documents owned by Rubelli. Like in the past, today’s designers must deal with changing tastes, varying decorative forms, changing trends, and new techniques and technologies. The guided exhibition, both cultural and fun, refreshes the story of the Silk Road that ran from Asia to Europe, and lends itself to unlocking the secrets of creative genius.

*These initiatives are not organized by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.