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Campari Wall: A Country Road. A tree. Evening.

Campari Wall: A Country Road. A tree. Evening.
17 gennaio 2015

Campari Group and Galleria Campari festure their first exhibition of the year within the cultural programme Campari Wall. The space, devoted to exhibitions of works of art by contemporary national or international artists, will host up to April 30th some photographs of the Irish artist Gerard Byrne, in collaboration with Lisson Gallery.

Two landscapes: Tonygarrow, a wonderful and remote valley around the mountains of Wicklow Dublin Bay and the vineyards of Hameau de Clavoillon, Burgundy. These two landscapes are far apart in geographical terms, but are united under the artistic vision of Gerard Byrne by the same unit of time (the evening), space (a country road) and action (waiting) and by the presence of a withered tree, almost suggesting that, in those parts, there no longer exists any sign of life.

A master at highlighting man’s frustration with his vain attempts at progress, Byrne offers a metaphysical journey in search of the meaning of life, along a country road. This is a tribute to fellow Irishman Samuel Beckett and the his “Waiting for Godot”.