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Mapei: Libeskind and the art of building through drawings

Mapei: Libeskind and the art of building through drawings
20 marzo 2013

Mapei supports the exhibition Never Say the Eye is Rigid: Architectural Drawings, which opened on 11th March at the Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery in Rome and brings together a rich selection of drawings by the Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind. 52 original drawings of diverse styles and techniques, relating to eight different projects including work for the Jewish Museum in Berlin (2001), the Museum of Military History in Dresden (2011) and the Ground Zero Master Plan (2003). After closing in Rome on 30th April, the exhibition will travel to Milan, Turin and Tel Aviv before returning to New York for a major finissage event.
The exhibition leads the visitor in to the architectural design philosophy of Libeskind, which highlights the artistic value and centrality of drawing to his creative process: “An architect needs to know how to draw; without a connection between eye, hand, and mind, the drawing of the building will lose the human soul that characterizes it and become an abstract exercise. […] only by drawing do architects have those so-called Proustian moments, those moments in which they accidentally stumble on the uneven stones of the mind, triggering memories that magically unlock the visions that lead to all great art.”
Mapei’s decision to support this highly prestigious cultural project stems from the special attention the company has always paid to art and culture: a corporate belief which is borne out of the firm conviction that “work can never be separated from the arts and from passion”. The company’s involvement in this exhibition is also an indication of the continuity of its collaboration with the architect Daniel Libeskind who Mapei has already worked alongside on projects such as the Museum of Military History in Dresden, and the City Life Housing project.